Honey Resort Bali: Ayana Resort and Spa

poolnightAtop limestone cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Ayana Resort & Spa in Bali, Indonesia is a secluded, romantic escape for newlyweds.

The resort in Jimbaran Bay underwent a multimillion dollar facelift back in 2009 . The whole 190-acre property was transformed to become a honeymoon haven. There are 290 hotel suites and rooms plus 78 luxury villas on the clifftop. Each villa boasts of an infinity pool and a service of a personal butler.

If you want to get out of all the luxe surrounding you, just head down the 19-step stairs to discover the white-sand Kubu Beach. There is also a saltwater pool if you want to take a dip or if you want you can just sunbathe on one of the loungers.

You can also take mountain bikes to explore the surrounding areas or unwind at the spa for a Balinese massage or hot-shell massage. Couples will surely enjoy the local flavors served at the Padi restaurant of the resort.

Grooms, you can surprise your bride with a candlelit dinner on a wooden jetty while you enjoy the seascape and the stars. You can also ask the staff to set up a romantic dinner in the garden. Dava’s Wagyu beef is an affair to remember.

After an excellent dinner, enjoy some cocktails while enjoying the music at the Rock Bar. This bar is actually carved into the base of the cliffs and offers a great view of the ocean.

Top wedding and honeymoon destinations in Turkey

CappadociaTurkey is a fascinating place with Greek ruins and Roman ruins outnumbering those in Greeks and Rome, respectively. The culture is a good blend of eastern and western traditions and practices. It will be common to see tourists in miniskirts walking alongside robed tourists from Saudi. The best time to go here will be either during Spring or Autumn or of course summer if you want to enjoy the beaches.

Destination Wedding Requirements

The rules differ for foreigners who would like to get married in Turkey. They will vary whether you and your partner are of the same country of origin or if you are a foreigner marrying a local. The requirements here are pretty much the same as in other places such as passports, birth certificates, and certificate that you are eligible to marry.


The biggest city of Turkey is a very fascinating travel destination. It is a very old city established back in 330 AD and has been called several names throughout the centuries. If you love seeing old ruins, this is the place to be. Book an accommodation in Sultanhamet and you will just be a few hops away from sites like the Topkaki Palace, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, among others.

Aegean Sea, Turquoise Coast, and Bodrum

The coasts of the Aegean Sea has been a tourist magnet for centuries. The Bodrum is where you want to be in case you want to party hard or enjoy a relaxing time in a classy, fancy hotel. If you and your partner just want to enjoy the view and have a quiet time together, head to the Turquoise Coast dotted with small inns along the best beaches.


If you want to take the road less traveled, head to Cappadocia where you can enjoy some surreal landscape. The ravines, cliffs, and pinnacles here have been carved out of rocks. Couples who love outdoor adventures will enjoy in Cappadocia. You will also be able to see old monasteries, churches, and old carved out Cappadocian homes. Of course, book a cave hotel to complete the trip.

Puerto Rico weddings and honeymoons

US_Virgin_IslandsCountries in the Caribbean are among the favorite wedding destinations of couples who want to tie knot in amid a warm climate, sands, and waters as their backdrop. Puerto Rico is often overlooked but it has all the elements to be a great destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Picking the right place

If you are planning to get wed in Puerto Rico, you have a lot of options. You can be very informal or you can be very posh. It may not have as much of the ritzy resorts but it has a lot of boutique hotels with the perfect ambiance for couples who want to exchange vows. The El Convento or the Casa Herencia in San Juan offer the romantic setup. If you will be spending your honeymoon in Puerto Rico, the Hix House Hotel and the Horned Dorest Primavera will suit any fancy of couples.

There is also the W Beach Resort offering the sophistication for the newlyweds thru their sexy rooms and wonderful spa for couples. You can also consider the Copamarina Resort that has a romantic package specifically aimed at couples having a holiday in Puerto Rico.

The big hotels in Puerto Rico also have their own wedding planners to help you out with your needs. You can take advantage of this service if you do not want to worry about the smallest details for your wedding.

Wedding licenses

You need to get in touch with the Demographic Registry Office to start the process. Ask and list down their requirements which basically consists of identifications, medical certificates, among other certifications. The filing cost is just roughly $20.

There are also blood tests required prior to the ceremonies. You can have this done by a local doctor or by the hotel physician. This will just cost around $25. The couple need to appear at the City Court to get their marriage license. The ceremonies can be officiated by clergymen or any judge and fees may range between $150 and $300.

Wedding Trends and Secrets for 2012

Are you engaged and still working on the details of your wedding this year? You are on the right spot on the internet as we bring you the latest trends and secrets to make your dream come true:

Wedding dresses

If you want to be daring and want to veer away from the tradition of white wedding gowns, you can go for gray, pink or even black wedding gowns. In case you are not ready to go non-traditional you can ask your designer to have a colorful fabric in your favorite shade underneath your gown so guests will have a glimpse of it when you march down the aisle.

Food trucks

The food revolution goes beyond the streets as food trucks are great additions to your wedding reception. You can hire an ice cream truck or tap the services of food truck selling local favorite dishes.

Floral Centerpieces

According to designers, centerpieces which are smaller are becoming more popular. The flowers are arranged in bunches and placed in different sizes of containers. A good mix of the classics and exotic is a good touch so some carnation in a square container next to some orchids in another flower holder will look great on the center of the table.

Tight budget

A limited budget should not spell disaster. There are a lot of alternatives to make your wedding great. Ask your wedding planer, friends and family if they know of suppliers for services or materials you are looking for.

Best places in the US for your destination wedding

Walt-Disney-World-Florida-wedding-Destination weddings have their good and bad side. Reality-wise, it is a bit difficult to get all the people you want to be there to, find the best vendors to fit your needs, and even harder to plan out the details of your wedding. There are destinations though that seems to be perfect for weddings.
Here are some perfect US destinations where you can exchange vows:

Walt Disney World for the kids at heart

A wedding in Disney World is not just all cartoons but it can be anything that you can imagine when your destination wedding is organized by the great people from this megapark. You can go cartoons themed or maybe old Hollywood glamour among others. Let your imagination come up with the best destination wedding you can think of, and you might just be surprised how it will roll out.

New York City for the city dwellers

Bring your wedding to the City that Never Sleeps. You can book a room in one of the luxury hotels with your partner but if it does not fit your taste, the city hall is actually flexible and can help you come up with a great wedding in NYC.

Napa Valley for foodies

Great scenery. Yummy food. Great wines. What else can you ask for in a Napa Valley wedding? You can do a wedding in one of the vineyards or in an Italian inspired courtyard. You can also tap some of the best chefs in the planet in this lovely place.

Art Institute of Chicago for art lovers

Artisans can say their I do’s in the Art Institute of Chicago which holds one of the biggest art collections in the US. It was established back in the 1800s and can actually be the location of your wedding. You can rent a private space in the museum and have your dream wedding.

Tips and advice for your Destination Wedding

When it comes preparing for a destination wedding, you need to pay extra attention to the details which you may overlook. Whether you are the couple tying the knot, part of the entourage, or an invited guest, here are some useful tips and advice for destination weddings:

Wedding invitations

Remember that you need to send out your invitations about 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding date. This will give ample time to your guests who still need to make arrangements so they can attend your important day. Send out a card so they can Save a Date.

Wedding gifts

A lot of people are uncertain how they will handle buying or bringing gifts for a destination wedding. The couple or the organizer of the wedding will usually inform all invited guests where they can check out the bridal registry of the couple. The boutique or stores will deliver this to the wedding. If the wedding will happen outside the country, the parents of the couple may take the initiative to inform everyone that they can send the wedding gifts to the home of the couple. You can also bring gift certificates or gifts of money to the wedding destination.

Pre-wedding parties

Before the main event, there can be pre-wedding parties so friends can enjoy or host a bridal shower or a bachelor’s party.  If you are having a destination wedding, you can do these parties before leaving for your wedding. You do not need to invite people who are not invited to the wedding itself since usually these parties are also the perfect time to hand over the guests gifts or have a good  time with the groom or the bride.

Wedding duties

It is common practice that the guests will pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses but couples can also pay for their guests’ hotel rooms. What is mandatory though is for the couple to take care of the ceremonies, reception, and any other party that may happen. Couples may also want to send out thank you cards or small tokens of appreciation for the guests.

Having a wedding in St. Maarten

Over the last few years a lot of couples have been opting for destination weddings. This allows them to combine their wedding with a vacation; they also usually honeymoon at the destination. One of the more popular options for destination weddings is the island of St Maarten. The small island has lots of advantages for couples having their wedding. Not the least of which is that it greatly simplifies the whole process of getting married and saves a lot of stress.

St-MaartenSt Maarten is a very small island in the Caribbean. It is actually shared by the Netherlands and France. St Maarten is the Netherlands side of the island. It is known for its spectacular beaches. It also offers the significant advantage of the fact that there are nowhere near as many tourists as there are on some of the other islands. This helps to make it a very popular destination for people who are looking to get married.

The main reason that you would want to get married in St. Maarten is that it offers the chance to get married in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Most couples will choose to get married right on the beach. However if you prefer you can also get married at one of the hotels. Really you can just find any place that looks good to you to get married. There are also lots of wedding planners that can help you. It is usually a good idea to consider using a wedding planner since there are a fair number of legal requirements that you are going to have to meet.

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The most romantic wedding cities in Europe

Eiffel Tower, ParisIf one continent is known for its diverse beauty, that has to be the beautiful Europe. That’s why, most of the people thinking of going for a destination wedding immediately zero in on Europe. With scenic beauty comprising of lots of rivers, falls, lakes and mountains, these provide a great cultural and historical atmosphere to live in. So, if you want to make your wedding a unique and memorable event, you want to go to Europe.

Some of the best European Wedding locations where you can celebrate your ceremony are Paris, Prague, Greece, Cyprus, Scotland and Venice.

Nobody needs to be introduced with the splendor and style of Venice. One of the best vacationing locations in the world, Paris can be a good wedding ceremony and honeymoon location as well. Stylish restaurants, gourmets, delicacies, the entertaining evenings – all make this place wonderful to spend time.

Prague is the largest and the capital city in the Czech Republic. It is a hub centre of the Czech Republican nation and named as the “the golden city”. Though it may not be the first place that comes to the mind when thinking of a wedding destination, would you like a special location for your special moment, this is the one for you.

A Mediterranean wonder, Greece’s geography is strategically beautiful and provides for a unique charm for any visitor over there. How can you escape the rich culture and the historical background of the place? If you want a traditional yet unique wedding you might want to check out Greece.

Cyprus, another one of the largest island countries situated in the Mediterranean region, is a popular tourist location and is known for its physical beauty along with the well-maintained environment that it provides. Lots of restaurants and shopping malls, a warm congenial atmosphere makes this place worthwhile.

So, you are more attracted to the vague mysterious beauty of a place and you want that to be the ambience for your wedding? You would like the large castles and dense forests in Scotland. Though a well-developed country it is, it still holds an old classical charm which marvels the tourists over there.

Italian finesse gleans on a marvelous city and laces it with a delectable blend of art, tradition, beauty and ethnicity. And that city is Venice. Of course, this quixotic place needs no introduction. And when we are already talking of Italy, how can we not mention the name of Rome, the merge of Italian romance with a touch of European magnificence?

Europe is a place where you don’t have to look out for beauty but it is a beauty in itself.

Bridal Lingerie: an introduction

Bridal Lingerie is something that every bride will have to consider when planning for her honeymoon. In most bride’s minds, the honeymoon and wedding night is almost as important as the wedding itself. After all, so many brides dream about their weddings along with the dreams of their honeymoon. Most imagine looking absolutely stunning in the sexiest lingerie possible. It makes most women feel beautiful to be desired and wanted and that is what lingerie accomplishes.

Bridal lingerie can be many different types of sensual outfits. The most traditional type of wedding outfits is a very revealing white teddy with garter belts. You will usually find brides getting this type of lingerie. This outfit can also be accessorized with sexy pantyhose and underwear as well. The most popular underwear to go along with the bridal lingerie is white lacy g-strings. G-strings are usually the most popular among men and the wives get them to drive their man wild.

You will find other wedding bridal lingerie such as a baby doll. A baby doll is absolutely exquisite and usually clings tightly to the breast and then flows outward down to the waist and hips area. They are available in many colors and some women prefer to get the white for their wedding night. It makes it a bit more sexy in white because you can practically see through the material but it leaves just enough to the imagination to drive your man wild.

Another type of bridal lingerie you will be able to find is a bustier. These are very sexy. You will find that they fit like a bra at the top and it extends all the way down to the waist. It accentuates the chest and waist very nicely. Many brides choose to go with this outfit and add some sexy stockings and garter belts to complete the outfit. The stockings and garter belts can be gotten in white to complete the sexy bridal lingerie ensemble.

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The most romantic wedding cities in Asia

Bali WeddingWedding ceremony has got to be special and Europe and USA has been a little too familiar for this purpose. You want something special and you want a taste of the exotic Asiatic East. Popular for the spiritual charm and the tropical scenic beauty, Asia has recently seen a surge in tourism, especially when it comes to wedding locations. Coming with some of the most beautiful yet underestimated tourist places in the world, Asia is a treat you can give to your spouse on the wedding and honeymoon tour.

Now, you are down with a pen and a paper trying to figure out the various wedding locations available for you. You try out various sources after you figure out the budget, the type of wedding you are looking for, the environment you prefer and so on. From the various choices accessible to you, you zero in on two most interesting wedding destinations there

Mauritius, Indian Ocean – A few hundred miles from the Madagascar Island, this place provides a perfect blend of African wild charm with the Asian solace. The best part of the place is the superb long stretches of sand beaches with the African safaris making the holidays an adventure to live in and a perfect ambience to hold the most special moment. With lots of quality food joints serving delectably rare dishes coupled with highly starred hotels and accommodation facilities, this has been the secret hideout for the famous celebrities like Roger Federer and Ewan McGregor, who are attracted to the long golf courses and luxury spas, for long.

Bali, Indonesia – Bali has always been one of the most popular wedding ceremony and honeymoon destinations in the world. With the long stretches of sun-kissed beaches and a relaxed vibe that infects every visitor over there, Bali can be a very good Asian wedding location for you. Though as common with most popular locations, there are crowds of Americans and Europeans in the hotels and resorts over there. But in the Sanur village, you can get yourself nice comfortable sea-side bungalows and villas for a cozy time with your partner.

And before you go out on a tour, it is always advisable to contact a well-known tourist company or travel agent who can get you the best of tourist deals and packages making the wedding arrangements far easier as well as saving some money for you.