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Five Ways to Save Money when Planning a Destination Wedding

Budgets are necessary for many people, as money is not limitless. Ideally most couples want a nice wedding but at the same time would like to save their money for other things like their house or a car. So keeping the wedding costs down to a minimum is a priority. Like a traditional wedding at […]

Packing for a Destination Wedding: Ten Ways to Lighten the Load

Travel Light! It does not matter where you are going or the reason for which you are travelling, experts always tell us to pack very little and travel light. Well, that might be okay when vacationing but your wedding is important to you and you want it to be perfect so you need to bring […]

Most Romantic Wedding Locations in the World

Wherever, the bride and groom choose for their wedding is bound to be very romantic. Weddings equal romance so anywhere can be considered romantic if the couple makes it that way. But there are many places around the globe that automatically evoke romanticism without any thought or planning. When one thinks of a wedding in […]