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A Bit of Advice

Poor communication seems to be the most common when dealing with marital issues.  From my understanding with relationships, people want to be understood but have a difficult time trying to understand. Not really listening becomes a pretty common factor as well, or should I say one-sided listening. When you’re only thinking about what you are […]

Charlie and Perla Williams Are Lucky People…

Charlie and Perla Williams really are luckers. Look at the beautiful beach they have for exchanging their vows… This is in the USA, by the way! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

How to Plan Activities for the Couple and the Guests

Destination weddings are different in that the bride and groom are the hosts for the affair. And unlike regular weddings at home, the couple must take some responsibility for the guests’ entertainment throughout the duration of the stay. It is not necessary to have every minute planned but it is certainly good manners to have […]