How Should Men Prepare for A Destination Wedding?

beach weddingWithout doubt, plenty of advice and counsel is available for the bride and her bridesmaids. But many people overlook the other half to the wedding ceremony and that is the groom and his male attendants? How do they fit into the destination wedding equation? What sort of information is available to them to help the group prepare for a destination wedding? Well there are three broad tips from which men can benefit when planning their destination wedding check lists.

1. Remember that things are not the same in other countries. For instance, in the US and Canada, rental shops abound. Renting a tuxedo or even the shoes is considered mainstream wedding activity in North America, but this is not the case in many parts of the world. In an effort to travel light, some might think it is easier to get the wedding day attire locally where the wedding will be held. BIG mistake! Take your wedding attire with you.

2. Prepare a to-do list well in advance and duties that are expected of the groom, the best man and the attendants should be organized and checked upon regularly. Unlike a local wedding where others can pitch in or problems can be solved rather quickly, small hills become large mountains elsewhere. Do not assume that everyone has done what is required and that they have packed all the essentials.

3. Unlike a wedding at home where the groom parties with his buddies the night before, the couple should discuss what they will be doing while at the destination wedding location. Not only is it insensitive to the guests but also the bride may be unhappy with him partying while they only have a short time on location. The time might be better spent together.


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