Little Touches Create Spectacular Results

When planning your destination wedding, do not leave every last detail to the wedding consultant. Unless you have no wishes of your own, try to involve yourself by providing her glimpses into your personality. Adding small things to a wedding reception or ceremony based on your own feelings and customs in your culture mixed with small pieces of the destination culture will create a beautifully, unique lasting memory.

  • Be sure to let the planner know your favorite colors and the colors being worn by the wedding party. This will help her to order cake and decorations that are more personalized and match the ambiance.
  • Think of little things that you enjoy. If you are a candle person, tell the planner so she can set up a unique setting for you.
  • If you are more on the whimsical side, you might choose fun decorations like carved coconuts, instead of more formal streamers and wedding bows.
  • Research customs from the location and try to incorporate those that sound interesting to you.
  • Inquire about local artisans that might supply unique gifts for the guests or accessories for the reception. Handmade napkins, bells, or basically any trinkets that are made locally can add dramatically to the atmosphere.
  • Ask for suggestions and a list of choices for traditional entertainment. Or request a singer for the ceremony to sing a wedding song customarily sung at their weddings.
  • Ask if the country has special colors that signify prosperity, health, love or any other meaning that would add to your service or reception.

Remember that mixing and matching small portions of each culture can produce spectacular results.


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