Tips and advice for your Destination Wedding

When it comes preparing for a destination wedding, you need to pay extra attention to the details which you may overlook. Whether you are the couple tying the knot, part of the entourage, or an invited guest, here are some useful tips and advice for destination weddings:

Wedding invitations

Remember that you need to send out your invitations about 4 to 6 months prior to your wedding date. This will give ample time to your guests who still need to make arrangements so they can attend your important day. Send out a card so they can Save a Date.

Wedding gifts

A lot of people are uncertain how they will handle buying or bringing gifts for a destination wedding. The couple or the organizer of the wedding will usually inform all invited guests where they can check out the bridal registry of the couple. The boutique or stores will deliver this to the wedding. If the wedding will happen outside the country, the parents of the couple may take the initiative to inform everyone that they can send the wedding gifts to the home of the couple. You can also bring gift certificates or gifts of money to the wedding destination.

Pre-wedding parties

Before the main event, there can be pre-wedding parties so friends can enjoy or host a bridal shower or a bachelor’s party.  If you are having a destination wedding, you can do these parties before leaving for your wedding. You do not need to invite people who are not invited to the wedding itself since usually these parties are also the perfect time to hand over the guests gifts or have a good  time with the groom or the bride.

Wedding duties

It is common practice that the guests will pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses but couples can also pay for their guests’ hotel rooms. What is mandatory though is for the couple to take care of the ceremonies, reception, and any other party that may happen. Couples may also want to send out thank you cards or small tokens of appreciation for the guests.


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