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Best places in the US for your destination wedding

Destination weddings have their good and bad side. Reality-wise, it is a bit difficult to get all the people you want to be there to, find the best vendors to fit your needs, and even harder to plan out the details of your wedding. There are destinations though that seems to be perfect for weddings. […]

Tips and advice for your Destination Wedding

When it comes preparing for a destination wedding, you need to pay extra attention to the details which you may overlook. Whether you are the couple tying the knot, part of the entourage, or an invited guest, here are some useful tips and advice for destination weddings: Wedding invitations Remember that you need to send […]

Having a wedding in St. Maarten

Over the last few years a lot of couples have been opting for destination weddings. This allows them to combine their wedding with a vacation; they also usually honeymoon at the destination. One of the more popular options for destination weddings is the island of St Maarten. The small island has lots of advantages for […]

The most romantic wedding cities in Europe

If one continent is known for its diverse beauty, that has to be the beautiful Europe. That’s why, most of the people thinking of going for a destination wedding immediately zero in on Europe. With scenic beauty comprising of lots of rivers, falls, lakes and mountains, these provide a great cultural and historical atmosphere to […]

The most romantic wedding cities in Asia

Wedding ceremony has got to be special and Europe and USA has been a little too familiar for this purpose. You want something special and you want a taste of the exotic Asiatic East. Popular for the spiritual charm and the tropical scenic beauty, Asia has recently seen a surge in tourism, especially when it […]

The perfect destination wedding locations

A common trend to commemorate the most special occasion in your life is by arranging a getaway wedding. Choose a great location and arrange the wedding ceremony and reception over there. Some of the best wedding locations that you might want to check out are as follows: Australia – With a vast diversity and a […]

Destination Wedding Apparel for the Groom and other Men

There is one rule when it comes to bridal attire. Everything is chosen because of one fact. The bride’s prerogative! If she chooses formal, everyone goes formal, if she chooses whimsical, everyone goes carefree and whimsical. Although it is said that the bride and groom decide what type of destination wedding to hold, the reality […]

How Should Men Prepare for A Destination Wedding?

Without doubt, plenty of advice and counsel is available for the bride and her bridesmaids. But many people overlook the other half to the wedding ceremony and that is the groom and his male attendants? How do they fit into the destination wedding equation? What sort of information is available to them to help the […]

Little Touches Create Spectacular Results

When planning your destination wedding, do not leave every last detail to the wedding consultant. Unless you have no wishes of your own, try to involve yourself by providing her glimpses into your personality. Adding small things to a wedding reception or ceremony based on your own feelings and customs in your culture mixed with […]

Wedding on the Beach – Benefits!

There are several benefits for a beach wedding. A beach wedding can be cheap compared to a traditional one. It is a very informal affair. In a beach wedding the wedding ceremony and the reception are held at the same place. So the costs can be reduced to a great extend. Transportation will be a […]