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How to Plan Activities for the Couple and the Guests

Destination weddings are different in that the bride and groom are the hosts for the affair. And unlike regular weddings at home, the couple must take some responsibility for the guests’ entertainment throughout the duration of the stay. It is not necessary to have every minute planned but it is certainly good manners to have […]

Importance of a Wedding Information Website

Providing information to guests is vital when planning a destination wedding. A traditional wedding usually only requires one day of a guest’s time and a map to the church and reception hall is most often sufficient explanation. But with a destination wedding, especially out of country, it is thoughtless and inconsiderate to expect family and […]

How Important is Footwear for Destination Wedding Guests?

Providing as much information about the theme and location is important when organizing a destination wedding. Particularly when the location is different than the normal church and reception hall event. For example, if the wedding is being held outdoors, rocky terrain or sandy areas will make it difficult to walk in high heels or sling […]

Five Save the Date Cards Suggestions

While there is no concrete etiquette regarding Save the Date Cards, other than sending them out in time and only sending them to actual invited guests, there are many ways to choose and send your cards. Here are a few ideas to get you started when planning your destination wedding. Use postcards from the location […]

Five Ways to Save Money when Planning a Destination Wedding

Budgets are necessary for many people, as money is not limitless. Ideally most couples want a nice wedding but at the same time would like to save their money for other things like their house or a car. So keeping the wedding costs down to a minimum is a priority. Like a traditional wedding at […]

Packing for a Destination Wedding: Ten Ways to Lighten the Load

Travel Light! It does not matter where you are going or the reason for which you are travelling, experts always tell us to pack very little and travel light. Well, that might be okay when vacationing but your wedding is important to you and you want it to be perfect so you need to bring […]

Most Romantic Wedding Locations in the World

Wherever, the bride and groom choose for their wedding is bound to be very romantic. Weddings equal romance so anywhere can be considered romantic if the couple makes it that way. But there are many places around the globe that automatically evoke romanticism without any thought or planning. When one thinks of a wedding in […]

Wedding Abroad Etiquette

Etiquette is important when you’re dealing with a day that’s not just important for the bride and groom — but for everyone that is involved. Parents of the couple are enormously emotionally invested — friends care a lot and brothers and sisters sometimes feel more emotional than they do on their own wedding days… When […]

Wedding in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

See, this is the perfect example of why a destination wedding is so amazing. We love our weddings abroad, and we love them on tropical beaches, under a glaring sun, enjoying family and friends (and eachother) in the kind of atmosphere you will just feel relaxed in.

Welcome to Your Wedding Abroad

Hi, and welcome to our new site “Your Wedding Abroad”. On this site (and blog!) we will try to give you all the info you need to make your destination wedding a success. We’re talking hints and tips on finding the best destinations, help finding honeymoon hotels, practical tips on finding the right photographer, etc… […]