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Wedding Trends and Secrets for 2012

Are you engaged and still working on the details of your wedding this year? You are on the right spot on the internet as we bring you the latest trends and secrets to make your dream come true: Wedding dresses If you want to be daring and want to veer away from the tradition of […]

Bridal Lingerie: an introduction

Bridal Lingerie is something that every bride will have to consider when planning for her honeymoon. In most bride’s minds, the honeymoon and wedding night is almost as important as the wedding itself. After all, so many brides dream about their weddings along with the dreams of their honeymoon. Most imagine looking absolutely stunning in […]

Destination Wedding Apparel for the Groom and other Men

There is one rule when it comes to bridal attire. Everything is chosen because of one fact. The bride‚Äôs prerogative! If she chooses formal, everyone goes formal, if she chooses whimsical, everyone goes carefree and whimsical. Although it is said that the bride and groom decide what type of destination wedding to hold, the reality […]