Dangers of a Destination Wedding

Holding a destination wedding sounds exotic, romantic and even “in-vogue”. But before getting carried away and planning a destination wedding, think first of the obstacles or pitfalls that you must avoid when holding your wedding outside of your country. The number one rule is use common sense and think first before acting with your heart.

  1. The biggest problem with holding a destination wedding outside of your country and jurisdiction, there is no one to enforce your contracts. In fact, your contracts probably are not worth anything. Regardless of whether you are being married in another democracy, you will not have the time and financial expense to pursue any serious problems that might arise. You may be left at the mercy of others.
    • You have no guarantee that the wedding planner or operator who took your money will even provide a wedding when you land in the country.
    • You have no guarantee as to the type of wedding being performed.
    • Whether or not you were told something, it would be irrelevant, as you will not have anyone to enforce it.
    • And if you have heard stories of people booking hotels for their vacations only to find out the accommodations are not five star as requested but cockroach infested rooms, or the hotel is under construction, then you know you will face the same problems with a wedding.
  2. The culture is different. Thus, perceptions may be different. In fact, there might even be a language barrier that creates its own set of problems. You might indicate that you want something fancy and extravagant and when you arrive, it is not to your liking. But this is not necessarily incompetence on the part of the wedding planner but rather a discrepancy in what is extravagant. To people living with less luxury than you, their idea of fancy will be different.
  3. You are accepting people at face value. You are assuming that they are looking out for you when in fact, they may not have provided the correct information as it relates to legal requirements to marry in the country. They may not be diligent in completing all the necessary paperwork. This will leave you in a mess the day of your wedding.
  4. Many countries have serious crime inflicted on those who appear to be wealthy. Any wedding exudes luxury, wealth and status. Research the safety of the country and know if there are any neighborhoods that should be avoided. Political strife and economic instability cause very real and dangerous problems for foreigners.
  5. There is always the possibility that someone in your party, whether it is you, one of your attendants or an invited guest, will not be permitted entrance to the country.
  6. Ensure that you have proof of your marriage as you will need all official documents when you return home and try to make name changes, changes to bank accounts, insurance policies and basically anything that is related to being a married couple.
  7. If planning a yacht charter wedding, how safe is the boat? Does it have the necessary life jackets for all your guests? How likely is a storm to arise and what happens when the boat cannot go out?
  8. Although this is not a danger, it is quite possible that your actual number of guests will be very few contrary to if you had held your wedding at home. Many people will not or can not travel to your destination wedding.
  9. It is not necessary to be paranoid about everything but stay organized and informed.