Destination Weddings on A Boat

Sailing on the water is one of the most romantic ways to get married. Glistening tips of water like sparkling diamonds, rolling waves, beautiful boats and the deep blue sky are lovely characteristics to add to a destination wedding. And there are many types of boats to make the event unique.

Gondolas of Italy

Venice is famous for its intricate waterway system and historic gondolas that carry passengers through the city. Indeed, being married in a gondola is enchanting, as Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with many historical buildings and monuments to visit. Your guests will gather around your gondola in gondolas of their own while a musician and a photographer gently float nearby in another gondola. Originally the transportation of royalty and the well-to-do, today gondolas are symbols of ancient times and customs. Gondola owners are very proud of their craft and will decorate the gondola accordingly for a marriage ceremony. In addition, the gondolier will most likely dress in a white and gold uniform with beautiful adornments.

Gondolas Venice
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Dhows of Dubai and Africa

Dhows are large, wooden, sailing ships that originated over two thousand years ago. Different types of dhows are distinguished from one another by their builds and designs. Most are considered Arabian and are described as Jahazi, Kijahazi, Swahili, Kenyan and Zanzibari dhows. Because these ships are large, they lend themselves nicely to destination wedding parties and ceremonies. Unlike the cargo dhows, the commercial vessels are promoted as posh, luxurious and romantic offering sumptuous food and traditionally dressed staff.

Dhows Dubai

Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

Chartering a yacht for a destination wedding offers many possibilities. Depending on how large the guest list, the wedding and ceremony may be held while the yacht cruises but also, there are many yachts that have sleeping quarters and can be booked out for days or a week at a time. Another idea would be for the guests to board the yacht for the festivities and then when the night is over, the guests would leave but the couple would stay aboard the yacht for their honeymoon traveling to different ports. Yachts are very flexible as they come in many sizes allowing the couple to customize their special day.

yacht mediterranean
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Catamarans in New Zealand or the Caribbean

Catamarans are wide, flat boats with sails. Because of their flat design, they are easy to use for playing in the ocean or sea such as diving, jumping off for a cool swim, or snorkeling. Catamaran cruises may offer the ceremony and reception aboard the ship or they may cruise to a private island where everyone disembarks and the festivities are held on land. And if you decide to hold the wedding at a hotel or other location, a catamaran would be ideal for the wedding rehearsal dinner the night before. Lively, local entertainment and gourmet food would set the mood for an incredible event.

catamaran new zealand

Riverboats in the United States

Riverboats are the southern belle type boats with several tiers and a large paddle wheel at the back. Many residents of Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana regularly see these types of boats plying the various rivers. And the riverboat operators book out the vessels for special occasions such as weddings. Different packages are offered from a small ceremony and wine and cheese to elaborate receptions with gourmet food, live band and dancing.

riverboat USA