The perfect destination wedding locations

A common trend to commemorate the most special occasion in your life is by arranging a getaway wedding. Choose a great location and arrange the wedding ceremony and reception over there.

Some of the best wedding locations that you might want to check out are as follows:

  • Australia – With a vast diversity and a charming rugged beauty, this can be a great place for your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Austria – Nothing is comparable to the classic beauty of the wonderfully decorated cities in Europe, or a wedding in the snowy weather.
  • Croatia – If history fascinates the bride and the groom, not anything is like a wedding in Croatia.
  • Cyprus – If you are thinking of the clear blue skies with a gentle turquoise colored ocean beach in your wedding setting, you are thinking of Cyprus.
  • France – When it comes to romance, France is the way to go. With a blend of sophistication, style and pure entertainment, it can be the best time for you and your guests.
  • Grenada – Beauty and simple charm is what you get in the Caribbean, a perfect location for a sweet memorable wedding and honeymoon.
  • Italy – Love, romance and art – these are the things you look forward to when you think of Italy, one of the best wedding locations you can opt for.
  • Malta – Situated as a bridge country between the East and the African continent, it boasts of the warm congenial climate and enriches the bride and groom with its elevating physical beauty and historical background.
  • South Africa – Apart from being interesting and beautiful, it is cost-friendly for weddings.
  • Thailand – Known for its Asiatic hospitality and spirituality, Thailand is an exotic wedding location to travel to.
  • Turkey – What sets Turkey apart is its sheer difference from others. Are you looking for some unique wedding setting? Then, go for Turkey.

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Destination Wedding Apparel for the Groom and other Men

There is one rule when it comes to bridal attire. Everything is chosen because of one fact. The bride’s prerogative! If she chooses formal, everyone goes formal, if she chooses whimsical, everyone goes carefree and whimsical. Although it is said that the bride and groom decide what type of destination wedding to hold, the reality is unfolded when the bride chooses her dress.

So the groom must follow the bride, and then the other men follow the groom. And be forewarned that if there are any choices to be made in colors of cummerbunds or ties or any other accessories, those will be dictated by the females as well. Regardless of how formal the affair, the men’s outfits must complement the bridesmaids who must complement the bride.

How Should Men Prepare for A Destination Wedding?

beach weddingWithout doubt, plenty of advice and counsel is available for the bride and her bridesmaids. But many people overlook the other half to the wedding ceremony and that is the groom and his male attendants? How do they fit into the destination wedding equation? What sort of information is available to them to help the group prepare for a destination wedding? Well there are three broad tips from which men can benefit when planning their destination wedding check lists.

1. Remember that things are not the same in other countries. For instance, in the US and Canada, rental shops abound. Renting a tuxedo or even the shoes is considered mainstream wedding activity in North America, but this is not the case in many parts of the world. In an effort to travel light, some might think it is easier to get the wedding day attire locally where the wedding will be held. BIG mistake! Take your wedding attire with you.

2. Prepare a to-do list well in advance and duties that are expected of the groom, the best man and the attendants should be organized and checked upon regularly. Unlike a local wedding where others can pitch in or problems can be solved rather quickly, small hills become large mountains elsewhere. Do not assume that everyone has done what is required and that they have packed all the essentials.

3. Unlike a wedding at home where the groom parties with his buddies the night before, the couple should discuss what they will be doing while at the destination wedding location. Not only is it insensitive to the guests but also the bride may be unhappy with him partying while they only have a short time on location. The time might be better spent together.

Little Touches Create Spectacular Results

When planning your destination wedding, do not leave every last detail to the wedding consultant. Unless you have no wishes of your own, try to involve yourself by providing her glimpses into your personality. Adding small things to a wedding reception or ceremony based on your own feelings and customs in your culture mixed with small pieces of the destination culture will create a beautifully, unique lasting memory.

  • Be sure to let the planner know your favorite colors and the colors being worn by the wedding party. This will help her to order cake and decorations that are more personalized and match the ambiance.
  • Think of little things that you enjoy. If you are a candle person, tell the planner so she can set up a unique setting for you.
  • If you are more on the whimsical side, you might choose fun decorations like carved coconuts, instead of more formal streamers and wedding bows.
  • Research customs from the location and try to incorporate those that sound interesting to you.
  • Inquire about local artisans that might supply unique gifts for the guests or accessories for the reception. Handmade napkins, bells, or basically any trinkets that are made locally can add dramatically to the atmosphere.
  • Ask for suggestions and a list of choices for traditional entertainment. Or request a singer for the ceremony to sing a wedding song customarily sung at their weddings.
  • Ask if the country has special colors that signify prosperity, health, love or any other meaning that would add to your service or reception.

Remember that mixing and matching small portions of each culture can produce spectacular results.

Differences between a Symbolic Wedding and a Legal Wedding

One of the highlights of being married abroad is regaling in the customs of the destination. But problems arise when marrying outside your jurisdiction. Although your marriage may be seen as a legal entity back home, the marriage itself in a foreign country may not be as simple as obtaining a license and having an official perform the service. In most cases the couple must decide between a symbolic wedding and a legal wedding.

A legal wedding is one where all the requirements have been met in order to obtain a legally binding marriage certificate from the country or region in which the marriage was performed. Some of those requirements, however, may be impossible for the couple to fulfil. For example, many countries demand that one or both persons be present in the location for a period before the wedding ceremony. Further, some require that the couple undergo local medical exams and maybe even present themselves for an interview before obtaining the license. Certain countries also have strict customs that dictate the religious philosophies under which the couple will be married. Some regions require both a religious and a civil ceremony to make the marriage legal. But whatever the requirement, it is agreed that in most instances, the hurdle may be too much to bear for the travelling couple.

To circumvent these issues, many times a couple will legally marry at home, maybe at city hall, and then choose a symbolic wedding at the location. Their guests witness their destination wedding ceremony so everything is the same as though they are being married but in reality, they are not issued a legal marriage certificate from the location. Their legal marriage has already taken place at their place of residence.

In summary, it is sometimes wiser to hold a symbolic wedding when being married abroad.

Wedding on the Beach – Benefits!

There are several benefits for a beach wedding. A beach wedding can be cheap compared to a traditional one. It is a very informal affair.

In a beach wedding the wedding ceremony and the reception are held at the same place. So the costs can be reduced to a great extend. Transportation will be a minimum. Hence a lot of expense on that account is also reduced. For the guests too it is advantageous. They need not travel because the place of wedding ceremony and the place of the reception are the same.

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A Bit of Advice

Poor communication seems to be the most common when dealing with marital issues.  From my understanding with relationships, people want to be understood but have a difficult time trying to understand. Not really listening becomes a pretty common factor as well, or should I say one-sided listening. When you’re only thinking about what you are going to say rather than opening up your ears and heart fully to your spouse then you set your self up for many arguments and disputes to happen.

A lot of people would rather choose being right more than being happy, which is a real sign of a lack of character. It takes a strong person to be able to choose being kind over being right in a discussion. A lot of it has to do with ego or a pride thing. When you are ready to work on you, then dealing with your spouse will seem to flow much easier. I’ve heard some negative things that were said about counseling and how it has a tendency to drain couples emotionally and financially.

I think it is great when people seek out marriage help whether it being from a pastor, psychiatrist or well trusted family friends, but when you both are getting nowhere in your relational growth and the relationship seems to be stagnating and dry then I would highly suggest looking into using a Marriage Fitness program.

Thankfully, I am not in a situation where I have to save my marriage but if I was, then you better believe I would check out Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program. He has helped thousands of couples refrain from getting a divorce. He has also helped people find themselves in the relationship and teaches them how to love their spouses the way that they want to be loved. His insight is mind blowing and his teachings are life changing without a doubt.

How can we stop divorce from happening? The truth is we can’t ever stop it from happening we can only change our perception of who we are in the relationship and learn how to be the person that we need to be to our spouse. Divorce will happen if it is meant to happen. I am certainly not suggesting that divorce be a way out for anyone.

Hopefully, everything that can possibly be done to save the marriage will be done before ever even considering divorce as an option. I think that we just need to be open and receptive to change in our life. I think that it is easy for people to get complacent and comfortable with things being the way that they are in the relationship. If it isn’t convenient then why bother?

I’m telling you that when you disallow an opportunity for growth to pass you by then you are opening the door for divorce to be a possibility. Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at will change. I believe that every couple can have success in their relationships as long as people open up themselves up to change. As long as love is the focus of your growth and not money or power or pride, then love will never fail. It endures in all things until the ends of time…

Again, if you or anyone you know is in desperate need of marriage help then I suggest looking up Mort Fertel. I promise you that his services will not do you wrong. I know there are thousands of people out there thinking right now, how can I save my marriage? Well, the answer is out there. You can save your marriage. It starts with you and only you. Seek it and you will find it!

Charlie and Perla Williams Are Lucky People…

Charlie and Perla Williams really are luckers. Look at the beautiful beach they have for exchanging their vows…

This is in the USA, by the way! Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

How to Plan Activities for the Couple and the Guests

Destination weddings are different in that the bride and groom are the hosts for the affair. And unlike regular weddings at home, the couple must take some responsibility for the guests’ entertainment throughout the duration of the stay. It is not necessary to have destination wedding activitiesevery minute planned but it is certainly good manners to have some events available for the guests to enjoy.

In order to prepare for the social activities, there are several ways that the couple can decide what to organize.

  • Make a small list of tours that you think the guests will enjoy. Add the list to your wedding website or advise your guests of your ideas. Have each person tick off the tours that would be enjoyable. Then you can make a final determination from the consensus.
  • Plan some together time for yourselves and the guests. For example, a welcoming party when everyone arrives. It might be a full dinner or it could be an afternoon tea or cocktail party.
  • Prepare an itinerary for the wedding stay so that guests know what events you are providing and when they can go sightseeing on their own. Have the schedule in the guests’ rooms when they arrive so that if they would like to reserve space on other tours, they have the time to do that.
  • Also, by letting the guests know up front what you are providing, it removes the money question from the conversation as the events listed will be those paid for by the couple and also, it allows the couple to spend a little time alone for themselves.

Importance of a Wedding Information Website

Providing information to guests is vital when planning a destination wedding. A traditional wedding usually only requires one day of a guest’s time and a map to the church and reception hall is most often sufficient explanation. But with a destination wedding, especially out of country, it is thoughtless and inconsiderate to expect family and friends to manage on their own. Thus, a Wedding Information Website is perfect to keep everyone up to date.

The website may be setup in such a way that you can disseminate details, answer questions from your guests, and update instantly when new facts become available. A small forum type site would work well to maintain interaction between the guests and the couple. It will also give the guests a chance to talk among themselves to facilitate their trip. Of course, each person should use a login so that the website is kept private from the general public.

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