Why I Know Jesus Christ Is My Savior

My entire life has always revolved around my God and my family. Without either one I would be lost and yet, a few years ago, I almost did lose two of my family members. My husband and I were told we were having twins one February morning, many years ago. We were so excited since I have always been told it would be difficult for me to conceive yet, by the grace of God I did. I did everything the doctors told me; taking it easy, being careful not to lift anything heavy. Even though I tried, the doctors told us that I had to be put on bed rest or we would lose our twin daughters. We did this willingly, trying to save our unborn family.

Jesus PieceI was only six and a half months pregnant when I went into labor. They were born premature and so tiny. Our first girl had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck but was quickly revived. Our second daughter though almost didn’t make it. The doctors were getting ready to pronounce her dead when my husband’s prayers were answered and she began breathing. (At the time I was still in surgery and didn’t know what was going on.) Later that morning, she nearly died again. Her tiny body was fighting so hard but it didn’t want to cooperate.

The doctors didn’t have much hope for her. They kept telling us that our first born would probably make it but to prepare for the death of our second daughter. My husband immediately called his dad. My father-in-law (who is a minister) came to the hospital and stood with us while we prayed for her. We held her tiny hands while he laid his hands on her chest and began praying for God to help her. I was so thankful that the nurses were gracious enough to give us privacy in the NICU. There were so many babies there and yet they helped us the best way they could. We stayed as long as they could allow (twenty minutes) and continued to lay our hands on her every visiting hour.

The next day, the doctors gave us such positive news! Even though she would have to have many transfusions, she seemed to have made a drastic turn around and they were very optimistic that she would live. Now, ten years later, both my daughters are happy, fun-loving children and I thank God everyday for the blessings he gave me that day with the help of Peter Popoff Miracle Water we luckily received a couple months earlier. Without his love and help, and the assistance of reverend Popoff, our children would not be here today.